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Sacred Smoking Talismans

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Here you can check out all of Hedgewitch's amazing creations. Past, present and future combine to give you a glimpse into the mystical realms inside the mind of the Hedgewitch.

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The Philosopher's Stoned

The Philosopher's Stoned is a talk radio show about Cannabis/Hemp and its use in religion, healing, and Magick. Join us as we discuss upcoming events, news, and controversial issues relating to the cannabis plant and the cannabis community. We will have great music, tons of laughs and some good ole fashioned soapbox ranting.

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This is still under construction at the moment, but we'll let you know when it's ready.

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Unique, Magickal, and Beautiful

If you enjoy the taste of a wood pipe, but get disappointed about the burnt charcoal taste as the bowl starts getting crusty in a few months, then you should try a Hedgewitch Pipe.

Custom Crafted Hardwood Smoking Pipes

I use only the hardest of woods. Most Hedgewitch Pipes are made with wood from the IRONWOOD family, because of it's durability, the beautiful and unique grains, and it's ability to hold a gorgeous shine. The woods grain is also so tight and full of oils, that they will not burn when you are lighting them. Most of my pieces are guaranteed for up to two years, and if you wish to have it repolished I will do it for free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hedgewitch Pipes are hand crafted, so there are never two that are exactly the same. They are not machined by the hundreds or made from cheap soft woods. Each one is a unique piece of art.

Styled like no other.

If you want something that you can use with pride, enjoy for a lifetime, that will get oooohs and ahhhhs from your friends, and have something to hand down to your grandchildren, then a Hedgewitch Pipe is what you need.

Contact Me

Email me and join my page, I am not shy! All of my pipes are made with the true spirit of the wood (it tells me what it should be!) and treated with pure positive energy and blessings. If you see one that speaks to you, let me know.

Blessed Be!